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Is there an inherent MORAL element behind existence and life ?

The question that we have taken-up above might have relevance equal to the ultimate question about the existence of God; that is, ‘is He there or not’?

If we answer in negative, we might have to provide an answer to subsequent questions, as to what was the source of some of our most obvious moral principles such as 'human freedom and liberty' that the founding fathers of America had described as 'SELF-EVIDENT'. We will be also asked for the source of human-empathy, that always emanate in most human-hearts when we encounter helpless-victims of dangers, diseases, and catastrophes, or general human suffering. The inherent sense of justice and injustice also will demand an answer for its source. Love, an all swaying emotion, that often makes the human-beings sacrifice even their own life for the ones they love, also will demand an answer.

Now, in case the answer we receive is YES, that is, there is an inherent element of MORALS in existence, an equally difficult question will face us; what is its source, and how could we vouch for its existence, and where are evidence?

The task of this attempt is to answer the question of this post in affirmation, ie. to share few observations with the enlightened readers and help them to conclude that, yes, some kind of moral or virtuous element exists at the core of, or along with the phenomenon of existence, or at least with HUMAN-EXISTENCE.

Some of the dilemmas, unanswered-questions on human-life etc that we would take-up here for deliberation are listed below:

1) The most serious question that mankind still is in total darkness, that is, the 'why' question; a sensible answer to the 'why' question only will help us to answer, is there any 'moral' element in Life, and if yes, what for?

Yes, if we go by the ready answers given by leading religions, about a most moral and virtuous God, who always looks for approbation and worship from her 'creation', because He is the ultimate abode of all the goodness, virtues and morals in Existence, hence expects all her intelligent units of creation to abide by them, and then return to Him after death, for receiving adequate PRIZES and rewards!

Above is an argument that is difficult to refute. It is simple and straightforward. But we know, there is no adequate sense in that view; those who live piously, certainly are not immune to all the uncertainties of life! Often we observe, that it is these class of people who face the typical uncertainties of life like diseases, misfortunes, untimely death etc. more frequently! That is why perhaps Christianity has covered this aspect very smartly, by saying that, those who are loved by God most, are tested for their forbearance!
But is the 'sense' explained here makes any real sense?  Can God, supposed to be the abode of all the intelligence and 'sense' of the world be a silly 'worship' seeking idiot? We know, seeking worship and adulation is the usual sign of the most 'egoistic' person in the world, who seek it from others to feel good about himself! Can the ultimate essence of Existence be such a contemptible, egoistic entity?

So, above arguments compel us to conclude, that morals and ethics might not have been installed in the life of individual man and societies to make human beings to abide by them, and claim individual Prizes of adherence after death.

2) Are morals and Ethics, an outcome of man's Reason?

Ever since the Greek masters time,( Plato etc.) mankind started believing, that human individuals are bestowed with this special faculty called Reason. Greek masters believed that man shares the mind of God, and this special faculty, Reason, is the proof that his mind 'mirrors' the mind of God! There are morals and ethics in God's mind, hence, through this faculty of Reason, man shares it while leading his life.
‘Parmenides describes the Goddess who governs all things as saying  “I will tell you” the order of the universe, “ and you listen and receive my word”. Human beings will be able to receive her word because human mind mirrors her mind’ (Prof. Carlo Cellucci, the Sapienza University of Rome in his book  ‘Rethinking Logic’ 

We know that modern man does not believe in the above Greek theory of Reason. He understands it as his 'survival aid' provided by nature, to sharply distinguish his survival needs from false routes. 

“Indeed, the Reason is a matter of the ‘relation’ of means to given ends. ( word ‘reason’ directly derived from the Latin root   ‘ratio’=relation) It can be defined as the capacity to choose appropriate means to given ends” ( ibid)

It means, man adhere to moral and ethics because he knows by his Reason, that it will avoid many unwanted fights and tensions in his inter-personal interactions with the fellow beings, that otherwise would waste his energy into futile pursuits. In other words, man has decided to adopt certain moral and ethical behavior pattern simply to avoid unnecessary, futile, wasteful fights and controversies.

Aristotle's 'happiness' argument cannot be considered different from the above Reason argument, as it was by Reason that man opted to be moral and ethical, for being 'happy'. Aristotle believed, what ultimately guides human behavior is his desire to be HAPPY. 
Stoics believe, Nature has an inherent moral order. So, man's reason inherently try to follow such order of Nature.

"The Stoics think, the Reason is the highest authority and in tune with the rational laws of nature. Since nature is rational, we should accept things for how they are and not try to change them. Thus, we should rationally analyze and adjust our emotions until they are in harmony with things as they actually are"(

3) The evolutionary angle: This point of view is simple; it argues, that being moral and ethical 'reduces' the pressure of selfishness and individuality, and increases the chances of the life unit's survival. 

'Human morality, although sophisticated and complex relative to the moralities of other animals, is essentially a natural phenomenon that 'evolved' to restrict excessive individualism that could undermine a group's cohesion and thereby be reducing the individuals' fitness' (

This argument has nothing to do with the virtuous' side of morals and ethics. It is simply a practical ploy of nature to ensure chances of better survival in intelligent life-units. 

4) The imitation, or the mirror argument: If morality stands an accepted, dignified and good way of behavior in any society, let the reason of its origin be immaterial, individual units tend to imitate it for the sake of being 'seen' by others as his act of 'conforming'. This is only a ploy for life-units, as they 'pretend' compliance to enjoy its particular social approval. It has nothing to do with its actual 'origin', our chief point of inquiry.  

5) Strange empirical evidence shows, that communities with least religious faith tend to be more 'moral and ethical"! Phil Zuckerman's 2008 book, Society without God, notes that Denmark and Sweden, "which are probably the least religious countries in the world, and possibly in the history of the world", enjoy "among the lowest violent crime rates in the world [and] the lowest levels of corruption in the world". Though this has also nothing to do with the actual 'origin' of morality in the world, it is better to be explained as non-religious persons' lack of 'cushions' to lessen the effect of their immoral actions; the religious person can always take the route of seeking forgiveness from Gods for his immoral actions, he tends to commit more of them whereas, a non-religious person has no such loopholes. 

There are many similar and different arguments, that from old Torah to Kant, but none offers a final and conclusive account of its source. So, the task remains as it is. Let us attempt to go deep into certain not so often discussed angles and facts of human life, and try to arrive a sensible conclusion about morals and ethics. As hinted in the beginning, a final answer should be around the question 'why' man is in life? Who placed him in life and why?

Obviously, it was this 'why' aspect that set morals and ethics in human mind, and it might have a lot to do with the 'why' life question. In other words, morals and ethics might have a lot to do with the very meaning of life. 

Life; Existence's one and only 'means' to originate 'knowing' beings: 

We have hinted at the beginning of this deliberation, that a sensible answer to the question of the origin of morals and ethics lies in an answer to the 'why' question of life. Let us straight away plunge into that question. If morals and Ethics are around us always, without any clear answer about its source, it should be closely related to the very rationale of the man being here in life. It must be related to life's very 'rationale'.

To answer the above question, the inquiry must start from 'who' is the one that raises the question. Who are we? What gives us our sense of 'self', and what makes us ask this question?   

What we first take up would be, how, and on what ground man feels his independent 'sense' of 'self'? 

Had he any role in his 'chance' emergence in life as a self-conscious entity? He just 'happened' to born into life, without playing any role in it. So, his sense of being an 'independent' self is fundamentally 'irrational' in human terms of logic, as it doesn't have any ground! Noone's life belongs to him, be it the life of a man, an animal or a plant. We all were forced to 'own' our life on account of the smart ploys Nature had played!

Let us attempt to go deep into the very difficult question of 'how man started developing his sense of self'?

A sensible theory is there, and love to share it with all enlightened minds! 

It is around the 'others' around us, who similarly feel the independence of their 'selves'! You are, hence I have to be also a similar 'self'. Wasn't it a very smart ploy of Nature or Existence to create the sense of 'self' in every living unit this way? By just making a man experiencing his sense of 'self' because of the similar 'owning ' of life by 'others' around him? 

Artificial intelligence now tries to create a sense of self in Androids. Following link says about their success. One Android was able to develop a 'consciousness' of herself! Means, sense of self is a 'synthetic' sense. It has nothing to do with any non-physical mystery. 

But the ploy used by Nature can't be called 'physical' in its science given meaning. We must find a new concept for such 'organizational' miracle or smartness of nature. Following blog-link will explain, how Nature or Existence was able to achieve this feat, by creating a sense-of-self in man, fundamentally working on its interpersonal dynamics:

Can we, or Science, explain the above feat of Nature in the physical term? 

The 'other' in the story need not be always some persons. It could be any impersonal 'collective' of them too. Yes, the notion of 'WORLD' we live with is really the WOMB from where 'selves' of man usually take birth and then use it as a 'space' for its existence. Following blog-link will explain this unheard fact elaborately:

This lack of any soul like 'essence' in its religious sense for human beings, at least in their normal walks of life, or at least at the present stage of their spiritual development, is evident from what we have seen about its quite 'empirical' origin. The sense of 'self' is a simple product of an interpersonal dynamics of the plans of Existence. 

Once we are convinced of the above, morality can have a new meaning. As Hindu scriptures say, death is of the body only. The soul never can be killed or harmed. That is perhaps, why millions of microbes, insects, animals and even men die in the world every moment of the day! Even when we breathe and walk, microbes die in the process. We cant prevent it. When Doctors give antibiotics to patients, it kills millions of disease-causing bacteria. Use of pesticides kills similarly millions of insects and their larva. Earth quacks, floods, and wars kill millions of men in the world. Man kills millions of chickens, goats, and other animals every day for meeting his food needs.

Every study reveals, even plants have life, and feels pain and anguish. Can we avoid the immorality of eating vegetables, use of antibiotics, and eating curd etc? Curd, as we know, contains millions of life-supportive bacteria. So, if God was a moral God, in the given human meaning of morals, He would have never allowed such a massive annihilation of life-units, that is, His own creation, even if what died was a 'false' sense of the 'selves' of these beings!  

So, death and harm, in nature's eyes, not a serious matter of moral or ethical violation. For Her, it has a different meaning that we do not yet know. Perhaps, she was the one responsible for giving life, and life, except the time-bound sense of 'ownership' given to all living beings by her, loss of life may not be a serious matter to her! Life, after all, is owned by her. We were fooled by her to believe, that we were the owners of it!

Units of life in the world simply experiencing only a synthetic 'sense' of life provided by her! So, their moral and ethics, imaginably less relevant to her, at least till these living units develop to a stage or a day when they will be able to share the sense of the 'miracle' of life with her, the way she looks at it! 

Now let us take up the sexual morality. We know, in Western countries, having sexual relationships outside the marriage is a common practice. It is considered an immoral act only when personal commitments are broken, that is, when two partners in an intense love relation, and if one breaks the TRUST, then the other partner feels pain. In conservative non-Western communities, such relations are mostly kept secret. Issues arise only when someone is caught in the act. People experience no sense of guilt for such relations if things remain secret forever! Having four wives at a time is allowed in Islam. So, morality in sexual relations is, like in animal kingdom, does not seem to break any natural moral-law!

This might perhaps be blasphemous to religious ears, and difficult to believe! For most religious societies, God is ultimately a moral God! Another dimension of the story, out of question! It might shake traditional belief and faith. It might even force Science to rethink their own prejudice about God of the Religions; she so far has been feeling comfortable, that such a moral, Almighty God is not their cup of tea. It might now force her to review her stand, and think further on the forces in Existence beyond her 'physical' dogmas!  

Next moral question is about the interpersonal acts of cheating and causing harm to others. We can observe a distinct factor here. One who keeps a certain sense of divinity about himself, or a sense of personal integrity and inner freedom within, will never attempt to harm others, physically or otherwise! The ones who were cheated in the past, their rights and sense of self-dignity violated and abused in the past, might have had lost their sense of morality, and might have had lost their reluctance to indulge in any such 'immoral' act. Such men always stand deprived of their sense of good and bad, whether society instilled or inherent, in their basic Nature.

Be it rape, corruption or stealing other's possessions, those who indulge in these anti-social activities have, at some point in their lives, might have had lost their sense of dignified self-hood. They have become like animals, exclusively living with their 'biological' instincts of self-survival. Love to share below a link, that explains TWO fundamental causes behind man's  adopting way of violence and rights abuse:

Now, what conclusion we should arrive at from what has been observed above? That killing, rape, stealing and sexual immorality is permitted in society and lives?

Here comes the fundamental, spiritual or metaphysical question of what life is? Why we are here in life, as individuals, and in communities? Is Nature a dead phenomenon, or is there a 'mind' with certain likes and dislikes, intentions etc behind Existence? With certain predilections or predispositions of her?

 Why we are here in life, as individuals, and in communities? 

There may or may not be other intelligent beings elsewhere in the universe. But it shouldn't alter our basic conviction that Existence of each person is simply unique and central. There is nothing to compare the unique 'fact' of our Existence! Emerged from nowhere, (we don't know from where!) having been able to 'sense' an 'own self' in the course of life!  We often are forced to adopt the versions of our existing age and its past, as to what is life! Like the language we have learned from our parents and from our schools, we have also learned certain pre-set 'images' of ourselves and certain behavior patterns. We use it to play our pre-set roles in life. One day death comes to take us away. We have blindly accepted this inevitability too, as per our pre-knowledge about this end, learned from our age's stories and myths, and also from that of our past generations.

But in between this role-play, at least for some of us, a burning awareness possess us, as to what is behind this 'role-play'? Who are we? What is existence? This burning awareness often leads us to realize the uniqueness of each life. A is A, and B is B. No two lives are alike and comparable. Individuals in their physical features, their circumstances of birth, circumstances of growing up, the company of others they get, education, relations, health, love, and finally death; each person maintains his uniqueness of entity and course of life!

Our science believes in 'objective' philosophy, that is, our wholesale identities have emerged from an objective universe as homogenous commodities. There exists, irrespective of all observers, an independent reality of the world. She had her own physical, or energy level compulsions for the evolvement of us, human beings, and a similar compulsion for the emergence of our intelligence. It is due to this intelligence that we have become able to gather all the biological and physical information about us, and about the universe.

But often our said intelligence refuse to accept the above view of Science, and what we know as 'physical', that is, an inorganic something. Can a typical physical universe ever produce  'intelligence' from blues! If that is possible by the 'inorganic' something, it can not be termed as something inorganic, dead and mindless matter, in it's popular, generally accepted meaning and sense!

These men with the above-narrated burning sense of 'self-awareness' often have an inner compulsion to doubt whatever is 'senseless' around them.The inner-compulsion they experience for 'sensible explanation' for everything is real, but it does not mean that fantastic stories similar to that of popular Science, or similar fantastic stories being taught by the various religions about the whole of existence etc should be blindly adopted/bought by them!

This hidden faculty of 'sense' is still not a fully known concept to man. Love to share with intelligent readers, as to what exactly is this hidden 'faculty of 'sense', and why it is a sign that Existence never wanted to conceal her secrets from man forever!

Kindly read with all seriousness, the contents of the following links: 

 ( this initial link has info about all other sub-links, and also on a book on the subject) 

My 'self' wouldn't have been known to me without your 'sense of self'. If one is born like Robinson Crusoe, without anyone around, still he would have other objects around him, from what he could realize his 'separateness' from others. A link that explains this unique plan of nature was already given above, that 

explains Nature's ploy, or well-thought-out organizational plan behind the emergence of 'selves' in life.

What is the above-observed facts' possible relation with our concept of morals? 

Remember, you and I stand blessed with a 'sense' detecting Faculty. So, we are capable of arriving at the final 'sense' of Nature's leaving man here in life, using our inherent such faculty, with all the above-observed features, that is, the uniqueness of each individual, with his unique 'relation' with Existence, ( he is not an 'object' of any sort in existence) the nature of his primary 'self' originated from 'others' around him, and it's being 'synthetic' in this meaning, and finally, the absence of any 'objective' reality in the universe.

The most central observation was the relevance of all realities remaining null and void in the absence of sensible perceivers. Nature, when she has been observed as the ultimate abode of all the intelligence and sense in existence as far we can conceive, must be extremely anxious to have 'intelligent' and sensible 'knowers', or perceivers also in existence, so that her own being or reality becomes 'real'! We have seen that nothing can be 'real' without some perceivers being there, before whom they appear real! This mutuality of observer and the observed is a 'new physics' of Existence.

Take the plain example of human 'love-partners' to easily grasp this very difficult existential theory. They were two independent, unrelated individuals until they become love partners. 

Let us leave here the physics or biology of why man and women, or two homosexuals fall in love. Once the event of falling in love takes place, it is some kind of 'blossoming' of own life for both partners! The chief reason is, one starts getting perceived by the other as the most central object in his/her or life thereafter! He was the same person before and after, but after the falling in love, the way the partners look at own selves and each other, undergo a very different chemistry! Mornings and evenings, flowers, season, the cry of birds etc appear to them as divine! They long for each other every moment of their wake life. The touch of the other becomes magical. Kisses, just divine!

All these might not be true with the modern, exclusively sex oriented love relation, wherein partners are in relation only to enjoy physical sex abundantly, without any trace of the above described 'love' angle. But, it is sure, in the first encounters between two mutually attracted persons, both will experience the above magical movements! 

What was the cause of such 'altering of the selves' in love entanglement? The different kind of 'perception' by the other changes the image about own-self. This is not an imaginary, highly speculative theory as far as the very metaphysics of existence is concerned. Existence, for her to be real, she needs intelligent knowing entities to perceive her in her wholesomeness!  

This might be an extreme opposite view to the 'objective' viewpoint of classical science. For her, as we know, attributing anything beyond 'physicality' to anything in existence is sheer blasphemy! This new proposition might take away the very ground of classical science, and also that of classical religions. Yes, mankind and her knowledge system badly need a revamp, and certain new dichotomies.

It is here that we will look at the 'moral and ethics' factors in life.  We see here a certain specific aim of Nature or Existence of life. It is all about causing the emergence of independent, knowing, intelligent entities! To achieve this end, she has schemed to keep every person in a unique set-up of life, in every respect. We have seen above, details of this uniqueness of each person and his/her life.  

For Existence, those men/women who have not established a very sensible, direct relation with her might be similar to inorganic matter for her, lifeless and relevance-less! For establishing such a very sensible relation, one has to transform himself into an enlightened entity, transcending himself/herself from his/her 'ego' level self-identity. Only at such transcended stage, that human entities become real living beings in her eyes, as she too attains her sense of BEING meaningfully revealed! Then only she achieves her existential goal!

Some plants and trees blossom only once in one or two decades. Similar might be nature's willingness to wait for ages and centuries for a few human being to turn enlightened, and then again after so many centuries, the entire human race becomes capable of transcending from their ego stage. Then perhaps, Nature might be wishing that the entire human society lives in a living relation with her, moment to moment!!

The ultimate onus of living his life fit the ways of Existence is entirely on the shoulders of individual himself. Society is not an objective reality. It has no independent existence or entity, except its mystery role like the role of the false sense of EGO for individuals. World notion or the 'collective' notion is, hence the exact replica of the false sense of the 'self' that man experience.( above given link to the blog on the 'WORLD' may be referred once again;

So the content of his 'consciousness', or the events in his/her life have no fixed pattern. Nature's exclusive goal is to evolve 'knowing', independent beings from this exercise. She never wanted to have 'robots' in life, but let the waiting be for many centuries and ages, but her insistence on independently emerged enlightened entities was final. 

Moral and ethics were not her 'primary' goal, but it is not that she never wanted men to evolve-out from moral-less animal stage. She seems to have set moral and ethical laws in a very different way. When man emerges as an independent entity, a fully enlightened knower who grasp his/her integral tie with existence, transcended from his synthetic 'sense' of ego-self, feels an inner compulsion to be moral and ethical! The primary and exclusive condition for the evolvement of this moral and ethical man is, that he remains absolutely free, liberated and independent, free of all controls over his 'self' by any external social or political institution or agency!

In other words, when man is free in every respect, a free spiritual being, he will be under severe compulsion to observe moral and ethical principles; as outlined in the following blog-post: 

If we look closely at the development of man's evolvement from his animal stage to the stage of a social being and then an individual, it shows this clear existential direction. Kindly view this blog-post that describes this very empirical stages of development: 

So, the ultimate goal of mankind is to evolve into ideal societies wherein men can turn really independent, free, mutually respecting spiritual beings! Morals and ethics will the hallmark of such societies. They are inherent in Nature itself but it will bless human being only when she/he turns truly free and independent. 

An important 'new physics' on how entities emerge, is hidden in the above organizational plan. To be in existence, one needs to have an 'other' to perceive it/him! Please do not confuse this theory with Bishop Berkely's theory that, nothing exists outside some one's perception. He had a clue to this theory, but he seems not fully explained it. Nature's organizational plan for whatever that exists involved a perceiver's special eye and mind. Without my eyes, sun, in her popular human image, would not have its existence. It is first and foremost formed as an object of man's eyes. It must be some other subjective object in the sense organs and mind of an alien in a different corner of the universe!

Latest Scientific finding, her Quantum theory, very specifically spells out this existential fact. Quantum theory had long ago discarded the 'objective' philosophy of classical science, who believed in the existence of an 'objective' world 'out' there, independent of any observer. But, classical physics is not yet temperamentally ready to fully adopt the said theory, as it takes away the very ground she has been standing for long!

But the evidence presented by the Quantum physicists are very strong; they showed that measuring the velocity of a subatomic particle is almost impossible, ignoring its energy level interaction with the 'observing tool' of man! In other words, events do not happen independently of the observer in cosmos. He is always a partner in every act he observes. Knowledge is impossible outside this 'observer-observed' dichotomy! Means, man's every knowledge is nothing but his collective subjectivity!

Kindly be patient; we shall arrive at it at the end of this deliberation.

Here, both the partners turn new 'beings' in such love relations! Love will stand, without doubt, the most swaying emotion for every human being! 

Consolidation of what has been said above

1) It is not a moral or Almighty God who is behind existence: We have seen that what Existence seeks is to be TANGIBLE and REAL, by having more and more enlightened beings in existence, knowing each other; she is not interested in morals and ethics directly. But when enlightened beings emerge, and when they acquire/share the basic divinity or reverence about the miracle of existence, they always turn moral and ethical. It is the natural state of existence!

2) Existence stands devised by her, using her CREATIVE CHOICES, that is, divided into its 'structure' and 'essence' dimensions Following blog-post is a dedicated one, that explains what is structural and 'essence' realms:

Structural is the physical universe, with its own self-working laws. It was essential for having a kind of 'tangibility'. Living units had been provided with suitable 'sense' organs to perceive this tangible part of existence. This realm has its own self-working laws, perhaps cause-effect ruled. When man and animals are not enlightened, they are not different from who is in the non-conscious structural realm, as explained in following blog-post:

3) Existence is kind of 'indifferent' to morals and ethics, it should be believed ( we have seen evidence of frequent annihilation and emergence of life every moment! ) until man develops into enlightened beings, and acquires 'LIFE' in its real meaning! ( see the following blog:

When man acquires LIFE by being enlightened, sharing the sense of the miracle of existence, he naturally adheres to morals and ethics, as they are in the most natural state of the fact of existence.   

4) For world and individuals to be moral and ethical, what our socio-political institutions MUST remember is to keep every individual FREE and liberated. Like when plants are groomed providing them adequate sunlight, water, and manure, they naturally produce abundantly! The following paper was sent to the father of Indian Metro rail, Dr.E.Shreedharan in 2008 when he and RatanTata, India's top industrialist together had initiated a 'VALUE inculcation' drive in the country. He replied this author, appreciating the arguments presented:

In other words, morality and ethics naturally arise within individuals when he is FREE, enjoying civil, political and personal liberties. Man’s collectives must be formed solely and exclusively to ensure the above central goals, and it should not at all for meeting any other purpose. We know that today’s governments of man are NOT formed to meet the above spiritual and metaphysical needs of man, but that of professional men and groups who desire to keep the entire citizens of the country under their control, often enforcing their ideologies and idiosyncrasies upon them! This is the chief threat to the natural evolution of man and mankind into moral and ethical communities!

We have read through a complete philosophy of life, as to what is life in the world, the end purpose of mind and self, what is the difference between the 'structural' and 'essence' realm of existence, and finally, the source of our morals and ethics. 
Comments of enlightened minds are solicited.

Authored by: Abraham J. Palakudy

He is an independent seeker and researcher in the fields of Mind and Reason, philosophy and metaphysics, spirituality, democracy, and polity

email contact:
Twitter: Voice of philosophy@jopan1
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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The senselessness behind the current 'produce more and prosper' model

This author happened to read today, an article appeared in the 'The Economist', discussing Global big-business houses' dilemma about India; whether to invest more money in this country, as there exists no adequate population of 'middle-class' in its typical sense with the required purchasing capacity in the country!

The link to the said article is here:

The article reveals what is the crux of the concept of her 'development', measured in every nation's GDP, or Gross Domestic Product'. No industry can go on producing to her full capacity without having in mind, a sensible market. Market means, an adequate number of 'consumers' with adequate purchasing capacity for the products in hand. Creating demand for the product is another subject.  Industry has her best 'creative-department' who does this job through highly mind-swaying advertisements, persistent till such demand is created!

Then comes the key issue of an adequate number of consumers with adequate purchasing capacity. Neoliberalism is also about keenest possible attention to details, in whatever one does. It was this keenness for 'details' that found the 'inadequate percentage of middle-class' in India, hence blind, huge capital- investment not a wise step.

No industry can survive for long without an ever-increasing buyers base ( consumers) for what trhey produce. That is why she has very thoughtfully created the 'new middle-class', that comprises mostly her own employees, who are paid handsomely!

When industry pays more and more to her top executive-officers by way of their remuneration, it is also for the sole goal of making these employees fit ‘buyers’ for whatever they produce! The backbone of every business is more and more ‘sales' and the resulting profit-return to the producers! 

Brother producers cannot ever fill the vacuum of this 'buyers' population fully ever, as their numbers are not large. So, industry always needs her own paid employees also turning into ideal consumers of her products. No buyer base, no business survival as once said above!  

Compared to most of the Western countries, where more than 70% are 'middle-class', ( in India, it is just 3% as per 2011 PEW Research figures.This low figure is what put the Global industry leaders into the great dilemma; there are not adequate 'buyers' in India if they go for large scale-production!

Now we are arriving at our subject matter. We know that the one and only criterion of 'growth' and development for all nations is by increasing their industrial production. The assumption is that, when industries produce more, it will create more jobs, and people of the country will have increased incomes.
But these increased incomes will not move the industry anyway. They have no interest in this area. What they want is 'adequate' income for maximum people, so that they open their purses liberally to grab all the latest gadgets and services they produce in large numbers. This 'liberal buying' without reservation is the key factor that ensures 'adequate return' of the capital invested by the industry! For big profits, there should be
high-end products with good-price range. In other words, industry wants people of earth to be perfect 'consumers', who spend maximum on buying products.

This might appear a noble intention at first sight. Everyone has a lot of income, they shop liberally, enjoy all the best things in life and life goes on in prosperity! All governments in the world want it. They compete each other for increased GDP figures, as it is the sole indicator of progress over others. Increased GDP means increased tax-income gained from the industry, as well as greater income-tax figures from the high-earning citizens.

The institution of education wants it, as it will increase, and keep the demand for their 'product' ( knowledge) high. Jobs need a good education and technical knowledge imparted by educational institutions.

Media industry wants it very badly, as it is on 'advertisement' income that they live on. Industry can't exist and sell more without adequate advertisements.

All good!

But what about the whole subject matter of the LIFE of man on Earth is centered around certain 'obsession' of an institution,( industry) who target the whole population of Earth to be their ideal 'consumers'? What about all governments, all industry, Education, Media, that is, all major institutions of mankind whirl around making man an ideal consumer of the various innovative products of the industry?

Unfortunately in the above process, ever since the industrial revolution in the world and the capitalistic growth she achieved, the trend was an increased flow of wealth into fewer and fewer pockets! It is only one of our grave concerns! American citizens had protested against the above fortune imbalance by their 'OCCUPY' agitations, crying out that they were fed-up with the rule and influence of 1% over the rest 99%. Every statistics now say, more than 55% of world's wealth is in the hands of less than 1% of her population, that is, around 100 rich business families or industrial houses!

Another evil of this madness of our world is about the mental health of people, especially that of her younger-population, especially in the West. Students are compelled by parents to study more and more for becoming suitable work-force in the offices and factories. Parents need their wards to be ‘successful’ in life, in the above sense. They should be adequately ‘earning’ to possess everything modern and advanced in the world. ( see the silly side of such concept of SUCCESS here:

So, these pressurized children are turning more and more prone to mental illness worldwide, especially in the West where such ‘development’ is the maximum. ( see one of the many internet sources that describe this problem:

That income and wealth imbalance is adequately covered and propagated in the media and literature all over the world, but less discussed is the above-referred 'turning of the life of man into a 'consuming' Robot'! It has reduced or even nullified the relevance and importance of all other activities in the phenomenon of life! Life's values have altered. Everyone has learned to discard what does not bring him personal gains. Man started looking at everything in life with 'selfish' gain motive. The following link depicts this great 'value- transformation':

What yet to be discussed adequately, as said above, is the transformation of man's life into that of a 'compulsive consumer'! Possessing high-end household products and gadgets now determines one's social status. He consumes not only for satisfying his biological needs but specifically his social-status needs! ( see the following link on this calamity:

Life stands abducted by industry and her affiliated institutions, Govt and Media!

When looked at life from a metaphysical angle, as an individual 'gift' from Existence and a unique opportunity to each individual man from Nature or Existence, can we, the enlightened human society accepts the above-narrated abuse of it by a group of a few selfish men who run Industry, govts and Media to ABDUCT life as a whole, and make it a means to satiate their narrow ends? Can the sense of Reason of man and mankind keep silence upon the above grave abuse of the phenomenon Life? Life is a unique task, an opportunity given to each individual by Nature. Can it be wasted and allowed to be abused by certain institutions constituted by selfish groups of men?

What should rule the life of man need to be a ' sacred realm of his collective', not a selfish coterie, that own, control and determine its direction, the direction of the billions of individuals on Earth? Even the breathing of an individual is today controlled either by the industry, or his govt or the Media! He is a total victim! He does not own his mind, his wishes, his emotions, anything. He is being controlled by the rhetoric of political players, advertisements, and Media mind manipulations. It is a total abuse of the humankind.

The origin of all this is big-business wealth and it's all-controlling properties. It controls Govts, Education, and Media. Think-tanks are their own creation.

The mind of man stands dead. Creative freedom of man stands dead, as industry and govts want only their writs to rule the world, minds, and institutions. If the physical power of the strongest controlled all others in society in the remote past, today, it is the economic muscle of the rich.  If society was controlled by Feudalism in the past, today, it stands replaced by the big-industry and big-wealth!

Another recent article explains, that Adam Smith was wrongly quoted by the Industry as the ‘father’ of all evils of Capitalism as made to be believed by the modern world. It was the result of a carefully planned strategy by modern industry institution for turning the world under their control, under what we know today as ‘neo-liberalism’. (

It is once again onset of the dark ages, but made to appear golden age by the work and propaganda of Media and govts!

Authored by: Abraham J.Palakudy

He is an independent seeker and researcher into subjects like Mind&Reason, philosophy and metaphysics, man&society, Spirituality etc.
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Vacuum in the world for a new philosophy of life

We have capitalism today as our leading economic system in the world. Its grip
is clearly visible in all spheres of life. It stands for complete freedom of the
individual and his free spirit; outwardly a very pleasing and positive outlook on life. But
it also advocates 'one for oneself' ideology. When everyone attempts to
achieve progress for oneself, it will naturally lead to everyone's progress
according to one's native ability.

This arrangement will naturally lead to competition. Everyone try to excel over
the other. This is accepted as the natural phenomenon in capitalism. It creates
inequality too, that again accepted by capitalism as natural. In short, the man to man
relation that capitalism stands for is not much different from our old time
jungle way of life, with its natural inequality, natural competition and natural progress
of the strongest! 

Capitalism also stands for 'using' everything in sight and extracting best economic value out if it. Wealth creation necessarily involves avoidance of WASTAGE to the minutest degree.Avoidance of wastage, to a large degree, is achieving productive efficiency, the crux of modern production. This attitude that first applied to raw- , land and capital,gradually and naturally extended to human-resources also, throwing into the wind, Kant's popular stand that, man should not ever be the 'means' in the economy, but its very END !

Capitalism has indeed created wealth for mankind on earth. But wealth for a
minority few at the top. If it was 75% of world's wealth in the hands of 25%
privileged men a few decades ago, it is almost 85% in the hands of 15% such men
today! Or if you go by the latest figures, more than 55% of world's wealth and resources are owned by  less than 100 business groups or their families, as per Zurich University and Oxfam research centers.The results of this 'natural' inequality is in front of our eyes - in the form of widespread unrest and violence at all corners of the world. 

Latest PEW reserach reports ( search  PEW research reports on POVERTY at Google) reveals, despite 250 years of capitalistic 'progress', over 70% world population is still either POOR, or low-income! 

Now about the creation of wealth by capitalism, open minds can not ignore the other central, historic aspect too; that of COLONIALISM, an adventure that Capitalists undertook as an aspect of expressing their free-spirit! Is the present wealth of Western-Capitalistic nations a result of pure hard work of their citizens, or that of PLUNDER from the colonies ? The answer will compel every one of us to seriously rethink, what exactly should be the limit of one's unbound self-expression, and ascertaining own freedom. Can defeating the other, an integral aspect of own success, be a part of this unbound freedom of one ? ( about colonial plunder, those interested may refer to post:

What man wants is his little free space, and his little freedom to be himself.
For the 85% majority, life has to be lived in a world meant for the 15%
elite, or if you want to use the famous OCCUPY agitators' in USA phrase,99% live in the world meant for and owned by 1% ! 

99%  fail to connect them with the mainstream society, which is not
theirs. They are alienated, though food situation and shelter situation is some-
what adequate. Man can not live on meeting the needs of the mouth alone! He has
his spiritual needs too. He is not flesh alone, like animals.

Communism lost its war too:

Communism intended to 'EMANCIPATE' man from his attachment with private
property and possessions naturally associated with capitalism. Hence they
proposed all property to belong to the state. People were asked to live in a
closely knit commune called the country, working for the collective goals of
the community. Great ideal indeed, but here too, man's spiritual need of
freedom as a person was not met. If the entrepreneur was the MASTER is capitalism, he was replaced by the PARTY LEADERSHIP in communism ! The control over the followers, or the ordinary party men,was worse than that under capitalism.Communist nations had become notorious for their suppression of the freedom of citizens in modern-age. 

Now heard, a new movement is on the rise in Putin's Russia,wherin many yonger citizens are involved,demanding civil-freedom. But even if they win a French revolution kind battle with their regime, where will they take the country along? There is no viable model available today in the world, for running Nations and people's collective lives!   

Communism collapsed as an alternative ideology to capitalism in about 150 years of its existence in the world. After the collapse of Russia, the leading LEFTIST nation in the world, next communist power(China) had switched over to Capitalism lately. Though LEFTIST ideology still exists in many isolated pockets of the world as an abstract hope/symbol of the working class, or that of the victims of suppression under capitalist model of society, they show no inclination or ideological-spirit to BRING-IN A NEW MODEL OF SOCIETY,where one could treat the other with due dignity, and a regime that acts as true catalyzing agent for ensuring such a progressive and liberal attitude in regime vs.citizen relation, and man relation.  

Both systems claimed as natural law:

Man always felt in history that, his purely speculative designs and ways about society were  not correct. Every philosopher wanted to invent nature's hidden laws and apply it his theories. Both capitalists and communists thought, theirs was the law natural. But the results of both the
ideologies were not supportive of the claim, as we have seen in the world.

What could be nature's ultimate law about one to one relation, the metaphysics of 'self'?

Before attempting to answer this eternal question, let us probe into the
metaphysical constitution of man's personality. If we leave the question of
man's inner spirit for a while, and concentrate on how his surface EGO is
made, the seeker will easily find its connection with the 'OTHER' in its making.

Our 'self-hood' is basically constituted by the way others perceive us. A child
does not know who, or what he is. The mother is the first 'other' in his life
who gives him his first identity. The child identifies himself as an 'object' in
the eyes of the mother. 'Lovers' story also would support this metaphysical
truth. The new shine and sparkle about oneself that the LOVER usually
experiences is nothing but the way in which his/her partner looks at him/her in
the heightened romantic mood! When Love fails, one falls flat to the ground, to
the usual indifferent attitude of his usual relations. He feels miserable!

It is not easy to realize the truth of this proposition, but with some good effort,
everyone will realize its unfailing reality. We are, to a considerable degree, what others think
of us. When we behave in a particular way, and when it is perceived and reacted to
by others in our circle, we form a picture of ourselves. Their reaction
provides 'tangible-reality' to the idea of  each person ! One becomes a reality to himself, only when
the other see him. At a broader level, this seems to be the metaphysical dynamics
of  the whole creation  - - -the COSMIC UNITY turning into the mandatory DUALITY of
subjects and objects, for the sake of origin of the ENTITIES, in the act of mutual

One central aspect implied here may be noted carefully;if one wants to have an ever improving,ever creative,ever expanding ( ever progressing) idea about himself, he must strive to keep his 'other' or others around him too, truly liberated, letting them also to ever improve, ever expand and ever remain beautiful and progressive as himself ! If you keep the other a slave or a dependent of you, your self-progress stops there ! The other is the much VITAL medium for you express yourself most beautifully, ever creatively,and to ever see you expressed in different colors, at times to your own disbelief ! If the 'other' you have thus developed by letting him 'free' and creative turns capable of grasping your you fully, you will always tend to be yourself fully, causing you to often wonder, whether what has come out of you really belongs to you! Such is the power of letting the 'other'be himself or herself. 

It seems Nature herself had let man free here, with FREE-WILL, to experience her own freedom and independence; man seems to be a replica of nature this way!

We do not know who we are, till the other reacts to us. The other is a kind of
'mirror' where we see ourselves, and form our picture and identity. Ego, our worldly spirit, and the empirical entity is almost a social product.

Hence one needs the other very badly to remain as a person. Hence, when we hate
and despise the other, it reflects upon us too. We too are despised and hated.

Rousseau had no doubt that, the 'mirth of the rich is exclusievly caused by the wretchedness of the poor; it is the difference between both class's life, that gives him his mirth. Take away the wretchedness of the poor, and there will go the pleasue of being wealthy';  he commented.

Please note, whatever said above applies to our collective  entities too, especially to larger communities and States

The latest found wisdom of mankind - -the science of ecology- -effectively
reveals the truth of this proposition. We used to fear and kill snakes, tigers
and many species around us,fearing for our safety. But now our experience and
wisdom teach us that if we do not care for our environment, and each and every
item in it, such environment would turn our enemy and kill us in due course! For
self-survival, man has painfully learned the lesson of looking after every item
in one's environment. 

Now he takes all the care NOT to disturb trees,mountains,sea,air, and rivers.
The old world-view of EXPLOITING the nature and defeating her**, to celebrate man's victory over her, has now sadly been given way for ECOLOGY, though its straight ideological opposition with old Darwinian outlook is still not being widely understood,or propagated.

** See the old view of Science about its one and only role of defeating nature:
 Francis Bacon, an early days champion of modern science called-up on science to:  
Ø      ‘Haunt’ nature in her wanderings
Ø       She should be bound into service    
Ø       Made her a slave
Ø       Put her in constraint
Ø        Torture-out the secrets of from her

( words ‘haunt’ and ‘torture-out’ refer to old Europe’s witch hunt-tradition.

Ecology's  social-lesson   

Who can deny that for man, the 'other man' is not the closest item in one's
social environment? 

Unlike what Ayn Rand ( modern age's most extreme capitalism supporter) had put it, it is not out of ALTRUISM that the capitalist has to care for the less privileged, but out of the compulsions of the above seen NATURAL LAW. 

While 'altruism' is a moral burden, caring for the other person on the ground of a natural law is pure wisdom. The old word  'LOVE'  can be understood by mankind  in this special meaning now. It can be understood as mere 'valuing' the other, the way ECOLOGY teach us. Love was earlier thought to be a moral burden. When LOVE is realized as mere 'valuing' the other, it becomes a simple and direct philosophy of life for the enlightened modern man ! Here life could suddenly turn spiritual, without any stigma of  blind FAITH attached to it.

When the 'other' VALUE me as a way and principle of life, I gain my self -worth
naturally. My fear for the other gets reduced. When my self-worth is intact,
when its value is realized by me, I will take all the care NOT to violate the
self-worth of the other. Such mutual valuing can become a way of life in due
course  like ECOLOGY is turning a 'way of life' for all nations today.(?)

The curse of our present belief that, my freedom will be a sustainable reality when I defeat the other,and he converted into my servant ! 

It was a dogma that Western Society had believed in during the colonial past. We must agree, that in the present industry oriented Capitalism too, the same DOGMA is in the application ! The concept of our PROGRESS is unfortunately around allowing a few entrepreneurs,attaining highest SUCCESS in PRODUCING a lot, for the consumption of world population. They turn  giant, strong men,controlling even governments, while majority population remains servants at different level of aiding those gigantic production empires.

One CENTRAL FACT modern world ignores is the existential law that,when one grows unreasonably BIG and POWERFUL, others tend to rot, without their self-identity and creative-freewill ! If I need to progress, I need the 'other'too in my contact, to be equally free and open like me ! It only will pose intellectual and emotional CHALLENGE to me.For me to remain constantly witty,creative and sharp, I need to keep the 'other' also the same way !

 If the other is kept my servant, an instrument that  makes my life better and safe, I will grow intellectually and emotionally a moron, at least in the near long-run ! Life for nature was always this creative encounter between two particles or entities so that something new always come out of such encounters ! Every one of us could see this plain example from our day to day life; if your lover is kept your slave, you will get tired of her/him soon. If the ones work under your supervision are kept docile and slave-like, they will be non-creative 'order-takers', ultimately turning a liability to you than assets. You improve and develop only when the other be there with equal freedom and creative self-expression. We have already seen this phenomenon a bit elaborately explained in one of the above portions of this deliberation.

 Though Western individualism and Liberalism was intended to achieve this wonderful goal, it got corrupted and derogated in the long-run:(Pls.see details of this proposition at this link:

If man can learn this
existential urgency and inevitability of caring for the other as a
natural law, where exists the need for different faiths and religions? One's
faith or religion in which one has born is like his skin color, or his food
habit that he got from is parents. It is tightly worn by one's self. It is the
stuff with which one's entity is made. It is difficult to change by any kind of
persuasion or propaganda. There is no need also to change one's faith or

The change is needed at one's attitude towards oneself and at the same degree
of importance, also towards the other.

States' role in defining these core attitudes of citizens:

Ayn Rand said America lost its original obsession and passion for individual
liberty and personal dignity of citizens after the shift of governmental
priority towards ECONOMIC centrality of governance. Life of State, as well as
the life of citizens, has got reduced to narrow economic dimension. Democracy, the
last of man's political systems also followed suit. It has become a meek maid
in the hands of capitalistic ideology. Democracy is being used by professional
politicians as a means to attain power and enjoy the fruits of the governmental
formation. This exercise has become a matter of typical capitalistic

Today mankind can think of bringing forth any change to man's life only by
reinventing DEMOCRACY. If the runners of the state- the political class, willingly raise themselves as true representatives of man’s collective wisdom and Reason, they can act like ELDERS of people and take up the task of reinventing democracy and make it the true vehicle for emancipating man back to his intended freedom and liberty. Only the men in power could bring forth such revolutionary ideological shifts intellectually. If the  subjugated  people  attempt  this task, it may not be feasible without revolutionary means. But media, if assumes their true role of being society’s  conscience, the task could be achieved fast, and more meaningfully and peacefully!

 When Democracy is redefined on the lines suggested by in this deliberation and states become ready to embrace the above facts of life,the life of man would be re-defined in the world.

Authored by : Abraham J.Palakudy
An ardent researcher and seeker of truth in subjects like philosophy,mind,Reason and Polity

Twitter: Voice of philosophy@jopan1
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Twitter : Voice of Philosophy@jopan1